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Walk of the Witch

An Online Pathway

Walk of the Witch is an 18 week course which has been created to take you on an initiatory journey into the world of the witch and magickal practice.  Each Pathway consists of 6 week blocks where you will explore the Fundamentals of the craft, Spell crafting & Advanced magickal practices. This course offering has been created by Tayla Henderson (The Kynoch Witch) who will serve as your guide and mentor as you walk through the pathways and complete the Walk of the Witch. 



See below for more details and Apply to the Waitlist! xx

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Learning Your Intuitive Language

Build Intuition & Connect with Spirit

Learning Your Intuitive Language' is a 10 week Course offering specially created and curated by Tayla Henderson (The Kynoch Witch), an Intuitive Artist & Earth Based Practitioner, which aims to aid students in discovering the way they communicate with spirit. 

This is achieved through exploring the fundamentals of Intuitive divination and skills which can aid in receiving and translating insights from the ethereal realms. 

This Course is designed for anyone who is looking to discover their own unique Intuitive Language and build upon their Intuition in an interactive learning container.



I look forward to aiding those who feel called to this offering in discovering their own Unique Intuitive Language!!!

For more info and Updates regarding Course Enrolment and Material please Subscribe to Join the Waitlist below xx

Blessed be

Tayla Henderson (The Kynoch Witch)

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Course Offerings: About
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