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Intuitive Readings & Artworks

Divinely Created & Ritually Blessed

I perform a distance psychic Intuitive reading for you utilising meditation, channelling energy & divination. The purpose of an Intuitive reading is to divine the key wisdom or guidance you need at this point in your journey through this life. The accompanying Artwork will serve as a visual talisman, and a representation of the medicine & magick surrounding you or being drawn to you in this chapter of your life. It is important to note that although an Intuitive reading may bring painful energies, memories or elements to light, a reading is never negative and only works to promote healing & empowerment to face these aspects of your being. 

As apart of your purchase you will receive a printed copy of your reading & an Intuitive Artwork created in honour of your reading to embody and help you visualize the key wisdom & medicine brought forth in your reading. The artwork included will serve as a talisman and can therefore can be incorporated into your craft or spiritual practice by being placed in your sacred space or on your Altar, or simply in plain view as a reminder of the key messages of your Intuitive Reading xx
The Intuitive artwork will also undergo a ritual cleanse & activation before being shipped to you! Xx

Note: Upon order you may absolutely let me know if you wish to incorporate anything into your piece or would like to set a specific intention for your piece/reading xx

Intuitive artwork available in different Stretch Canvas Shapes/Sizes. 
Shaped Canvas Panels have been Discontinued. 

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