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Ritual Rattles

Intentionally Hand Crafted in Connection with Spirit

My intuitive work & craft have led down the path of exploring Shamanism. Slowly intergrating informal teachings I came across the concept of ritual instruments and instantly connected to the medicine and magick of the Rattle. I have been birthing Hand painted gourd Ritual Rattles, imbued with wisdom of intuitive art totems and crystal magick, incorporating their power into my own personal practice and now share these divine tools with other seekers of the spiritual xx

Rattles, much like drums, bells, singing bowls and music have been used since the beginnings of Spiritual practice to assist shamans & wise folk in achieving spiritual enlightenment and in service the wider community, inducing a trance like state so they may obtain wisdom from spirit during meditation, dreams and Journeywork .. 

These Rattles will work to aid in spiritual enlightenment during meditation and sound energy healing sessions.

Divinely created & Ritually blessed each rattle has their own unique sound created by the seeds within the Gourd, therefore no rattle is the same 🖤✨

*Purchase includes scroll of information on how to use your Ritual Rattle in spiritual practice, including a step by step Bonding Ceremony.. and 1x Palo Santo Stick for cleansing your rattle & Intuitively picked Crystal xx

To Order a Custom Rattles Simply Visit the Shop and look for our 'Custom Ritual Rattle' offering or feel free to reach out in our chat window below or on Facebook/Instagram for more info xx
Once requested I will promptly be in contact to discuss your piece!

Note: Upon order you may absolutely let me know if you wish to incorporate anything into your piece or would like to set a specific intention for your piece ✨xx

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