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Anointing Oils~ How to use them

Anointing oils are one of the most simple yet creative and witchy ways of enhancing a spell or ritual.

Anointing oils are a simple yet powerful way to enhance the potency and magick of your spell work, by raising the vibration of the tools or ingredients you decide to use. Although oils may be created with a specific intention they can be used and applied to various types of spells.

You can purchase anointing/enchanted oils online or at any metaphysical/wiccan store, but they can also be made on a with ingredients at home.

To make an Anointing you simply infuse your selected ingredients in the oils and enchant by charging the oil with its purpose either through meditation or a simple incantation.

Below are three simple Anointing recipes which can be easily made at home.



- Olive Oil (or oil of choice)

- Honey

- 3 Drops Cedar wood Oil

- 3 Drops Balance Essential oil blends (doTERRA Blend)

- 3 Drops Rose, Geranium, Lavender or Ylang-Ylang oil (I use a Karma Blend called 'Romance' containing these oils)

- Rose Petals

- Geranium Flowers

- Dianthus/ Carnation Flowers

- Marjoram herb



- Olive Oil (or Oil of Choice)

- Sugar

- 3 Drops Patchouli Oil

- 3 Drops Litsea Oil

- Basil or Basil Flowers

- Lemon Verbena

- Peppermint Leaves



- Olive Oil

- Salt or Black Salt

- On-Guard Protection Essential Oil (doTERRA Blend)

- 3 Drops Eucalyptus Oil

- Whole Cloves

- Rosemary

- Red Geranium

You can use fresh or dried ingredients Keep in mind Dried ingredients ensures your oil can be kept up to 6 months, compared to fresh which will only keep for a period of 3 months or so.

Add Ingredients as desired to the Olive Oil in a glass jar, along with Honey.

Swirl the oil clockwise and charge the oil with purpose by either reciting an incantation of intention or meditating on intentions. Be sure to charge the Oil with the purpose, ect Love, Manifestation, Protection.

Label and leave the Oil to infuse in the sunlight for up to 2 hours. Once infused store in a dark place. Write on the label the date made & date of expiration, so that you know when to make a new batch.


To use your newly enchanted Anointing Oil simply use a dropper and apply to the tools which you are going to use in your spell work or ritual. Whilst applying your oil be sure to charge the item and oil with the intention of use in your spell work to activate. You can also add a few drops to your hands and rub them to together or clap to activate the oil, and massage onto your spell items.

Anointing oils are such a simple yet magical way to boost the power and vibration of your spell work or rituals and can be utilised by the beginner witch to the advanced practitioner to enhance their craft.

Blessed Be

The Kynoch Witch xx

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