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How to recognise and work with Spirit Animal Totems

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

The Animal Kingdom has been humanity's longest guide & teacher in the art of life. The magick of our beloved fauna has inspired us at every turn in our evolution and had become heavely Imbued into shamanic & druidic beliefs. Even the ancient Egyptians honored the indigenous animals of their time through their representation in the physical form of the gods. Today animal spirit medicine is still all around us, though in our modern society we have become rather disconnected from our animal counterparts. Recognising their influence in our lives can be a little difficult so rather then physically manifesting before us, animal spirits connect with us intuitively.

Often we are receiving wisdom from the animal kingdom in subtle & magickal ways, the key to recognising the signs of fauna magick is to increase your receptiveness of their message using your intuition and through awareness of the animals which are surrounding you in your physical environment.

For example, of late I have been seeing a lot of Fairy Wrens (Australia native bird) of late and they usually do not physically or regularly manifest them selves in the area I live, therefore there is a message behind the presence of this animal totem for me at this time. Your interpretation of their message can be derived from intuitive meditation upon their presence or you can easily look up some of the spiritual meanings associated with the animal and feel into what resonates with you. For example, did you know fairy Wrens are polygamous! Unlike most birds they have multiple partners, the Male Fairy Wren is a vibrant blue and his representation is a sign that it is okay not to be loyal to one thing in your life, it is okay to partake in all things that make you happy, that make you feel vibrant like the colours of the Male Fairy Wren. The female is a full brown colour and he message is similar to the Male, but her message is that it is okay to not be so bold all the time, you don't always need to be in the spotlight or limelight to enjoy life. She tells me take Joy in the little things and not be too worried about trying partake in Grand adventures all the time, for often it is the small and intimate moments we treasure most.

Animal medicine does not always come to us in physical form, but can come to us in the form of spirit. Often this occurs in the form of dreams, visions or simply being drawn to a particular animal. When animals appear in our dreams they come to share with us important messages about our waking lives in order to guide us on our path and again their appearance can be interpreted intuitively, maybe they have visited you before or that animal has a specific meaning to you, but when in doubt there are various dream interpretation resources out there to help you understand why that particular animal has come to you.

Working with spirit animal totems is as easy as Invoking there energy through imagery or visualisation. Make a journal and note the different animals manifesting in your life whether it be through their physical presence or subtle influence through dreams; and write down what you feel they may be communicating to you. As previously mentioned it is perfectly okay to research animal meanings especially when you receive animal medicine you haven't come across before. Using this knowledge you can then invoke animal energy as you need in your spiritual practice or craft.

What animal spirit totems or omens have you come across? What do mean to you? Leave a comment and feel free to share this blog post with your fellow witches. ✨🦊

The Kynoch Witch

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