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Intuitive Artworks & Readings~ Vibrational Talismans

So I wanted to write a piece about my Intuitive Artworks & Readings; more importantly how their medicine can work through us subtly on a vibrational level, helping us to heal & push past obstacles within ourselves that may be stopping us from moving forward on our journeys through this life...

Intuitive Readings & Artworks are very different to a normal psychic reading in that I tap into the energy of the person the reading is for, revealing intuitive messages, wisdom from spirit & medicine that is important for that person at this point in their journey. When performing & Intuitive Reading I do consult a range of divination tools such as Oracle, Tarot Cards & Runes to divine wisdom but Artwork is mainly comprised of Animal & Plant medicine and messages from divine beings of whom I have connected with during the days prior to the actual reading or during the meditation I do before the reading to open up & receive Intuitive messages.

For example I once did an Intuitive Reading where the Artwork featured the wisdom of Hera represented through the column found in Greek temple Architecture & her sacred symbol. Her wisdom came through to me during my meditation where she spoke to me of her plight as the Queen of Olympus & the heavens. She is often portrayed as a jealous & vindictive goddess but time after time she was shown nothing but disrespect by those who 'worshipped' her & most notoriously her husband Zeus who consorted with mortals behind her back which resulted in multiple illegitimate children. Her message to my client was that there is only so much disrespect and in consideration you can tolerate, especially when you are to the one who is loyal & forever supporting and caring for others. This was relevant to my clients position & this intuitive medicine was incorporated into her Artwork, to serve as a reminder to speak up & make your emotions known otherwise if you hold onto these emotions you will forget nothing but resentment towards other around you which may result in wrathful action, which may seem unwarranted however completely justified.

Intuitive Artwork on a Flower Canvas called the Sycamore Moth

Each client's reading is so unique and personalised that every artwork comes out so very different from the last. I am always in awe of the synchronicity of the talismans and messages that come through in a reading and how they translate into my artwork... I never know what will come through, I have channelled to everything from deities, flowers, animals, trees and even sacred places like the Greek columns mentioned above... And now I have also incorporated this offering into the birthing of Intuitive Ritual Rattles for clients, which is so expansive...

It's through this wisdom from spirit that I am able to chanel the divine messages bestowed upon me for my clients through the form of visual art. Upon completion of each piece I call upon these elements out loud and invoke their vibration and energy so that it may be infused in the artwork. These artworks then serve as talismans of vibrational magical, calling on the totems and wisdom of spirit when ever we need it just by simply looking at it. I always recommend placing your artwork in your sacred spaces, on an altar or just where you Intuitively feel it should be displayed, as this is most likely where it's Magick will work the best.

It has been such a blessing to work with spirit and create such beautiful vibrational artworks for fellow spiritual beings all over the world and I can't wait to create a unique Intuitive Artwork or Intuitive Ritual Rattle for you xx

Blessed be

Tay xx

Intuitive Ritual Rattle containing vibrational medicine of Pale Faced Rosella, Lillies & Wattle

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