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Welcome to the Kynoch Coven!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Welcome to our website! Here we celebrate the Debut of, and our first blog post. This first blog post has been written with the intention to invites my fellow witches, wiccans & shamanic practitioners, magickal and spiritual beings alike to convene & celebrate with me in the creation of this sacred online space.

Hopes & Dreams for The Kynoch Coven

The birth of this website and blog space for me symbolizes the beginning of a new adventure in life, delving down a path a never really considered mine to walk. I have always been some what solitary in my practice, and have often wondered what it would be like to join a coven of like minded people, witches, men and women alike; unafraid to delve into all things spiritual, ritualistic & magick without fear of judgment, or on the complete other end of the spectrum, joining a coven and just feeling phony. My hope is that through this online portal I can connect with fellow intuitive & magickal beings, although I would love to foster a community of witches within my local region of the Darling Downs, QLD, Australia, I am more then open to connecting with like minded individuals from Australia and across the Sea. Through social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook I have already began to create connections within the witching community, but here I strive for a safe, open space away from the restraints of community rules, to be in acceptance of each-other and our spiritual experiences and to build knowledge unhinged by 'that one negative comment'. Here is where my dream begins of forming the Kynoch Coven, growing an online presence unlike any other in the witching world which is open to all people of all magickal creeds.

Connect with us in The Kynoch Coven

I am calling all mystical, magickal, enchanting & spiritual beings, no matter what your practice, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, Grey Witch, Bruja, Shaman, Seer, Psychic, Mediums, you name it. I am inviting you to join me here and become founding members of The Kynoch Coven Online. Let us embrace each-others gifts, beliefs, rituals, spells and energy so that we may create a magickal community free of segregated structures, so that we may freely learn from each-other and grow an appreciation for the craft in which all practice. I must also express my eagerness to facilitate any witches within my immediate location, the Darling Downs, QLD, Australia, in the future I hope to join together in person and celebrate the solstices, work rituals and spells under the full moon & create a coven and place where you can practice you craft with like minded people, without fear of scrutiny.

If you have found this website, this post, and have read this far, what is the harm in taking a leap. Visit our Web Page 'The Kynoch Coven' and fill out the form to receive an invite to our Private Facebook Group and Subscribe down below or send me a message in the chat bar below or email for more info into The Kynoch coven!

Blessed Be,

The Kynoch Witch

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