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Mercury~Planetary Magick ✨️

Today being Wednesday I thought it would be appropriate to touch on what exactly the go is with this planet we call Mercury, as Mercury is the planetary energy aligned with Wednesday in the 7 day week. There has been lots if information, memes and posts online about the ever chaotic time of Mercury Retrograde,  but maybe we should look a little into its magic before we go judging it too much for the haywire it seemingly causes throughout various times of the year.

Mercury as we know is a planet in our solar system, closest to the sun in fact, making it unliveable and the hottest planet in the solar system. It is named after the Roman God Mercury, who's equivalent is the Greek Hermes. Hermes/Mercury in mythology is the messenger of the gods, traversing between all realms of man, the heavens and the underworld to convey communications between all beings. The sign of Gemini in the Zodiac is also rules by the planet of Mercury, with similar traits to that of the great God Hermes, Gemini has the ability to move between realms of shadow and light with fluidity to convey messages from one party to another, within the self and between other people. Thus Mercury planetary energy has been well associated with energies of communication.

Mercury planetary energy in magic & mundane practice can be invoked when you require assistance with communication, personal development, career, academic pursuits & financial matters. The nature of Hermes/Mercury ability to traverse the underworld and the realm of the gods, also makes Wednesday and the hours of Mercury perfect for divination and psycho pomp work.

️Other associations with the Planet of Mercury are: Element: Air Crystals: Agate, Citrine, Malachite, Onyx, Jasper Colour: Yellow

Now that we know a little bit more about the properties of Mercury, let's talks about the Retrograde.. So what does it mean when a planet goes Retrograde? Basically it means that from our orbit that orbit rotation of Mercury from our perspective looks to be rotating in reverse on its orbit, which happens periodically throughout our Earth year and Mercury's orbit around the sun. Astrologically & Magickally when Mercury enters a Retrograde period its energy becomes unstabe and can have a chaotic impact on areas its associated with 🙃 This occurrence happens with any planet in Retrograde, but due to the frequent nature of Mercurys backwards motion, its become a little bit demonised in the natural realm..

So what can we do during the Retrograde to lessen the impact on our magical/mundane lives? ️ Don't actively invoke Mercury energy in Ritual workings, if you really need to utilise the power of Mercury, do your working on a Wednesday or in an hour of Mercury so that your not directly invoking but still utilising the essence of Mercury

️Be mindful of your finances, many advise not to over indulge your spending and leave risky investments until after the Retrograde ️Be mindful in your communication, think it through before speaking as this is a prime time for miscommunication to occur which can be unpleasant if not handled with care. Speak with intention & be sure to read all written correspondence carefully, maybe even multiple times just to be sure before responding

️Keep in mind, Mercury Retrogrades are generally shorter then most other planetary Retrogrades, be reassured it won't last forever, and if you keep the above in mind you should pass through relatively unscathed xx

I hope this post on Mercury Planetary Magick brings a little more insight & clarity into the power of this Planet and how you can incorporate its magick into your practice, as well as navigate its Retrograde with a little more ease xx

Blessed be

Tay xx

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