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Moon Water 101

Hello Divine Beings!

With the full moon just passed I want to talk about a common yet simple and powerful ritual which most magickal beings perform on the eve of the full moon... And that is Moon water! However, I want to elaborate a little more on the different ways you can make and use moon water.

So what is moon water? Moon water is a simple enchanted water by which you place a bottle or container of clean water out under the light of Full moon and bring in before the sunrise. Water retains memory through energetic imprinting and so when we leave out water under the light of the moon, we are energetically imprinting the lunar emerges as the light travels through the body of the water. By doing this you are infusing the water with the energy of the moon, which can then be used in Spell work & ritual such as a ritual bath to charge the bath water with lunar Energies or even to drink as a cosmic re charge (if your going to drink your moon water be sure to use clean or filtered drinking water).

I personally diffuse moon water with essential oils to raise the vibration of my environment and use it in offerings as well.

So how else can we utilise Moon water? Well did you know that you moon water can be made at any phase of the lunar cycle?! I personally make Moon water on the Dark moon & the New moon. By making Moon water on these phases you can incorporate the energy of these phases in your rituals or Spell work. For example, New Moon Water can be useful for manifestation work and embracing New Beginnings, Dark moon water I personally use when doing Shadow Work calling upon energies of introspection and reflection.

These Moon water Variants can be made the same way as Full moon water by leaving a bottle of clean water to charge under the Dark or New Moon. My only suggestion would be to keep Dark moon water in complete darkness or at least a dark space to keep its potency.

You can also enhance the charge of your Moon water through using crystals such as Moonstone to raise these lunar Energies. Simply add the Moonstone to your water bottle and leave in the bottle, Moonstone is not water soluble s