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My Recommended Crystals for Beginners 💎✨

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Of late I have been expanding my knowledge of working with crystals, particularly their use in energetic healing. However, today I want to write a piece on the top crystals I would recommend for people beginning their journey into all things esoteric and witchy. I will start with 5 crystals I would recommend to beginners in this blog and do a Part 2 of this blog topic to extend the list.

These crystals I am going to recommend are fairly common in witchcraft and new age spiritual practices and can be easily acquired from any crystal shop or online.

So without further or do let's get into the list!

1. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the crystal I would recommend anyone new to the craft or otherwise connect with first. Why you say? Because Clear Quartz is the most versatile crystal in existence. It's properties include cleansing and clearing negative energy and acts as an amplifier, perfect for boosting any type of Spell or Ritual working. This crystal is easy to cleanse with smoke, water or salt and can be left out under sun or moonlight to charge without fear of damage. Clear Quartz is also one of the easiest crystals to recalibrate or set with specific intention for use, making I the perfect substitute for any other crystal. You can get Clear Quartz in Raw, Geode & Tumbled forms. I utilise clear Quartz when charging items using my ritual or Spell work to enhance and amplify the energy of my intentions.

(Clear Quartz with mini Mortar & Pestle)

2. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most commonly used crystals to improve intuition and activate the third eye in spiritual practice, which makes it the perfect crystal for beginners to work & meditate with in order to improve and enhance their intuition in order to receive messages from within and from the Divine. Amethyst emanates beautiful purple mystic energy and can be found in forms such as the Chevron, Geode, Cluster & Tumbles. This crystal can be cleansed in water, smoke & salt, and can also be charged under the light of the full moon. I would recommend not leaving this beauty in the sun as it will cause the colour to fade. I utilise Amethyst to enhance my own intuitive practices such a when doing tarot readings,journey or meditation work. I also place a piece under my pillow to induce insightful dreaming.

(Chevron Amethyst with Tarot cards)

3. Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of 'Unconditional Love's making it a beautiful stone to begin with for those who may be intimidated by the vast world of Crystals. Just like clear Quartz it is an amplifier, although in this case it is an amplifier of love & positive energies, working with the heart chakra. This pink stone is perfect for using in love rituals, self care routines, Gratitude practices & for promoting self-love and self-esteem. This is important when undergoing any ritual or Spell work because in order to manifest the intended desire we must first believe we are worthy of its workings. This crystal can be found in Raw & Tumbled forms & is easily charged under moonlight and cleansed with salt, water or smoke. I use rose quartz in my self care rituals by including a piece in my bath water and meditate with it at my self-love altar.

(Rose in the centre of a crystal grid)

4. Citrine

Citrine is a beautiful crystal which is linked to the energy of the sun. This crystal is great for any type of manifestation work, prosperity & abundance Spell work and any working where you would like to call upon the creative & fiery energy of the sun. Although this crystal can be charged in the sun however I wouldn't recommend leaving it outside for anymore then 5-10 minutes as it may cause the crystal to lose its colour. This crystal can be found in Raw & tumbled forms and easily cleansed and charged in water, salt or smoke, and can be left under the light of the moon. I personally use citrine in any manifestation of abundance ritual such as my money bowl, a continuous spell I work to bring in money and prosperity.

(Citrine Chips in a Money bowl spell)

5. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a crystal which is most commonly in its raw form: a striped black stone which is masculine in nature & works as a potent protection stone. When first entering the world of witchcraft and spiritual practice, it is always important that before you do any type of working you put protection in place. Crystals are on of the most easy ways to physically place protections, and for this realm I recommend using a big piece of Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a great crystal for absorbing and transmuting negative energies as well as re-aligning subtle energies within a space and within the body, restoring harmony and ensuring sacre space is maintained. I personally have two big Black Tourmaline pieces at either end of my house to ensure protection, one at the back door & one at the front. This crystal can be cleansed by smoke and charged under moonlight. I don't recommend using water to cleanse as this will cause the crystal to disintegrate and can be somewhat toxic when wet.

(Black Tourmaline with Cinnamon Geranium plant)

I hope this list be you a beginner or adept in using crystals, has helped or guided your practice in some manner. If you liked this post and would love to see more educational content on my blog space, feel free to leave a comment. Be sure to subscribe for more blog posts and shop updates!!

Stay tuned Part two of Crystals for beginners xx

Blessed be,

Tay xx

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