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Protection Ritual: Warding Against Hysteria

This post is about the Protection Ritual I have performed and the Sigil creation to ward against Panic and Hysteria during the current 2020 Pandemic. The aim of my spell work was to protect my family and those I hold dear from the Panic & Hysteria which is consuming the globe at present due to the Covid-19 Outbreak. To perform this ritual I sought some inspiration and waited for the timing to be right as my intention was to not only to protect myself and my family but those we hold dear, which included family, friends and of course my coven brothers and sisters who are located across the country and globe even.

My main inspiration for this Spell came from the Witch of Wonderlust's 'Dark Moon Protection Candle' on YouTube (Link to video down below). This spell was simple but powerful and easy to tailor to my needs.

What I used:

- A bowl (I used a tin from an old candle that had burnt down)

- Black Tealight or candle (I use tealight or Small Votive Candles because they burn down quicker then Taper or Pillar Candles and are just a effective. I also Anointed my candle with a Protection Oil, See my post on anointing oils for the Recipe)

- Salt & Black Salt (Black Salt is a Witch-crafted Salt used for Protection, Will be doing a future post for how I make Black Salt)

- Whole Cloves

- Rosemary

-Sage leaves

- Rose petals (Optional- I used rose to help invoke love and universal healing, dispel hysteria)

- Red Geranium (Optional- Did you know Geranium invokes love, healing but also can be used for Protection! Red Geranium is best for this but any Geranium flowers will do)

- A Knife or something to carve Protective Sigil into your Candle

- Tigers Eye Crystal (Known for its Earthy Protective Properties, but any protection crystal you have or are drawn to use will do. For example, Black Tourmaline is another one of my go to protection stones)

- A Protection Sigil (This Sigil I designed and charged specifically to ward against Panic & Hysteria)

- Dried Norfolk Pine spines (This is not an ingredient I expect anyone to use or have access to but this tree hold so much sacred plant wisdom and its a medicine I am heavily aligned with and using in my practice at this time. The spines act as a defensive barrier, if you will. You can definitely substitute this with another type of stick or physical barrier in your spell)

If you can to avoid leaving your home, try to use items which you may already have at your disposal. Remember witch craft is 90% Intention and 10% Tools.

Performing the Spell:

It is important before you begin to cleanse your altar or space where you are going to perform the spell and to charge all of your items with the intention of their use before you begin the spell, this reaffirms the desired outcome of your spell and your reasoning for using the items you have chosen for the ritual. Cleansing you space can be as simple as washing down surfaces with some water or burning you favorite incense, palo santo or herbal smudge bundle. If you choose to burn incense or a Smudge stick you can begin you spell by casting a circle to protect your spell work and open the space to the energies you wish to invoke. I do this by simply lighting my palo santo and going around my altar space in a clockwise motion, 'I now open my circle'. I chose to perform this spell on the eve of the April Super moon in Libra as this ensured I had celestial energy at my disposal but if you cant wait until the next full or new moon, try performing the spell on a Tuesday, as this is the day of Mars, perfect energy for defensive magick.

Now we are up to forming you bowl. Intuitively add the ingredients to your bowl as you desire, I added my salt & black salt first to make a bed for the Candle to safely burn down into then placed my ingredients on top of the salt, forming a circle around the edge of the bowl. Carve your sigil into your black candle and anoint with Protective oil if you choose, then add to the center of the bowl. I added my Pine Spine last around the black candle, forming that physical defensive barrier. Sit with the bowl in your hands and recite:

I invoke energies of Protection in this time of panic,

May you Mother Earth, Father Sky, Sacred Ancestors & Loved ones past,

Shield this home, this family and those we love in your protective light..

I call upon the elements in this spell and draw upon your energy to protect us & invoke universal healing at this time

So mote it be

Blessed be..

Of course feel free to change and tailor this to invoke your patron god/goddess or spirits and elements if you like, this is just the chant that I used.

Then light your candle and sit and visualise the faces of those you wish to protect or the places where you loved ones may be located at this time, and let the candle burn down completely. I also the flame of the Protection candle to activate my Protective Sigil and Sat the Sigil with my Tigers Eye Crystal. Once you feel the ritual or Spell has done its job dispose of the ingredients by burying them, ensuring you do so in an Eco-friendly manner.

Personally I am going to continue to use my protection bowl and keep refreshing the spell by changing out my ingredients as needed in order to maintain a field of Protection, Love and Healing until I feel that the world around me is returning to some level of normalcy and signs of healing from Covid-19 begin to manifest.

I really enjoyed preparing and performing this spell as I feel it was a proactive magick I could perform at this time to ensure I protect all I hold dear along side self-isolating and going out as little as possible. It was empowering especially as being stuck at home can make one feel a little powerless and not mention stir crazy. At least it will give you something witchy to do! xx

Check out the YouTube link below to watch 'Dark Moon Protection Candle' from the Witch of Wonder lust

If you haven't already check out her Channel as she has some cool Witchy content and more!

Blessed Be, The Kynoch Witch

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