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Spirit Animal Journeys Part 1: Nakia

Hello! There Divine beings xx

This week I felt called to share my experience on connecting with my spirit and power animals. This will be the first of two posts detailing my journeys to meet my spirit animals, with the next being posted at a later date.. but this week I would like to introduce you all to Nakia xx

It was a Full moon in Taurus and I was out camping in the beautiful Woodford region with my family on holiday. I felt called to connect with nature deeper and had been researching spirit animals and powers animals for some time and came across a drumming journey on YouTube to connect with your animal.

So I found a spot out in nature to sit comfortably in nature, put my headphones in and settled in to the journey.

When I entered the journey space I was met by one of my guides Rasheed, who appears to me as a Giant Centipede to show me the way through a Journey and towards opportunity (Don't worry, he will have his own blog post soon!).

With Rasheed to lead the way I descended down into the lower realm, this is the realm where spirit animals reside. I descended into this realm via a cave at the base of the mountain I go to in my journey scape, going deeper into the earth through a deep tunnel system. When I emerged I was led to a glowing cavern with a willow tree lit up by soft blue lights and a small lake. Rasheed moved past the tree, his body flashing like an arrow, as if to say the animal would come from that direction.

It was then I saw different kinds of animals emerge from behind the tree and begin to roam around the banks of the lake. When approached by them I acknowledged their spirits and thanked them for their presence but I knew they weren't for me. Some animals would walk up to me and then simply walk away, others would just ignore my presence completely moving right past me or scattering if I approached them.

I looked back to Rasheed who was still motioning to behind the tree, so I stood still and watched and suddenly all the other animals faded into the background, Rasheed disappeared into the darkness behind the Tree and then she emerged. She was the most beautiful creature in the Lower realm, I instantly fell in love, her stride was powerful and confident, yet graceful. Her fur was beautifully spotted And at first I thought maybe she was a type of big cat... I really underestimated the big part. As she she made her way through the darkness towards me I felt like I was being re United with my long lost best friend. I dropped to the ground where we were now face to face. That's when I noticed the giant front fangs protruding out over her jaw.

My power animal was a beautiful big Spotted Saber Cat.

(Image is of Saber Tooth Tiger Source:

We found ourselves nuzzling each other's faces, our foreheads pressed together, for such an intimidating creature I should of been scared but I felt nothing but love to my long lost companion. Her name is Nakia, she told me she has always been by my side, we were together since birth, and I've finally come home to her. Nakia is there to remind me of her fierce yet nurturing presence constantly as I go about my day, and in the waking world I feel her stalking from the shadows, slinking behind the plants and trees and sometimes brazenly sun baking out in the open. I connect with regularly and call upon her when I need to be reminded of my strength and adaptability, of my power to be a pure force of nature through both presence & mindfulness, but also to cultivate a deeper sense of belonging and connection through the fierce love I have for others. Her presence would also explain my strong affinity to cats and I now see her in the eyes of my feline companions.

If you have made it this far, Thank you for bearing witness to my musings. The goal of this blog is to give a little bit of insight into the realm of Magick in which I work in and the various aspects which make up my spiritual practice. Connection to animals in the waking world and spiritual world is an integral part of my spiritual path in this life and through working with Spirit animals we can discover more about ourselves and the world which we live in. I thank Nakia for her presence in my life and for the guidance and love she gives so freely to me and for allowing me to share her story.

If you have enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment or share with others who may resonate with my musings.

Blessed be

Tay xx

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