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What Essential Oils should I use in my craft?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

So most of us already know about or use Essential oils in our lives daily. I began my own Essential Oil journey when I was pregnant with my daughter as you tend to get not much sleep in the third trimester. You feel like you are the size of a whale you can only sleep in one position, not to mention lightening crutch.. ouch. But that's another topic entirely, which lead to my own personal use of essential oils, eventually I got on the doTERRA ban wagon and to this day still use their essential oils in my cooking, cleaning and for general aromatherapy. Recently however I have really began to hone in on using them to enhance my rituals and meditation, and with the help of a book called 'Emotions & Essential Oils' published by Enlightened Alternative Healing, I can now share with you the top oils which I am drawn to incorporate into my craft and what their properties are, which may inspire you to make them an essential part of your Spirituality.

Now you can use Essential oils in various ways the most common method is aromatherapy where you inhale the scent of the oil, most people like to use a diffuser in this case. Other methods include topical (apply to the skin) or ingesting (adding the oils to your water or food) but you have to be careful because some Essential oils are not appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding women or are not suitable for topical/ ingesting, so please check the product information and labels , and also consult with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing to see if they are suitable for use. Some brands are also not suitable for ingesting as they are diluted with other components so make sure you find a brand that is CTPG approved (Certified Therapeutic Pure Grade) if you are going to ingest essential oils as apart of your ritual practice.

So, let's get into the list of Essential Oils to use in your craft!

1. Cedar wood: The Oil of Community

Cedar wood is the oil which brings people together. It's use encourages us to promote strength within our community and connect with our shared life experience. This promotes Spiritual connection among others which brings forth inner empathic awareness. This makes Cedar wood perfect for divination as it can help create a spiritual link between you and the person you are reading for.

2. Frankincense: The Oil of Truth

Frankincense is one of the holiest oils as it is connected to the divine, releasing negativity and low vibrations through realizing mis-truths. Frankincense opens us up spiritually to the wisdom and knowledge of our forefathers and insight from past lives carried by the soul. This makes Frankincense the perfect essential to use during past-life readings or ancestral work. This essential oil has a strong resonance with the divine masculine and can help us in times where we feel disconnected to reconnect with our true spiritual selves.

3. Lavender: The oil of Communication & Calm

Lavender is one if the most common floral oils used by the wide witching community. This oil helps to enter a relaxed state and thin the veil which can aid meditation. It can also help to align with energies necessary to perform divination, allowing for better communication with Spirit and with the self. Lavender can aid you in revealing your true self, clearing the throat chakra and promoting easy communication of your inner desires,and releasing blocks caused by trauma, fear or anxiety.

4. Rosemary: Oil of Knowledge & Transition

One of my personal plant Ally's, Rosemary is a powerful essential oil to use in order to develop true knowledge beyond the human mind-scape. This herbal magic promotes deep soul-searching and expansion of the mind in order to release 'mundane' thought patterns. Rosemary teaches us to trust in a higher power and the gift of understanding. Rosemary is a great oil to use when dream journalling or recording our spiritual practices.

5. Litsea: The Oil of Manifestation

Litsea is a mobile of will, inspiration & a facilitator of intuition. This citrus oil can help with connecting us to a higher consciousness, allowing us to act on intuitive wisdom bestowed upon us and manifest that which has previously been unrevealed. Litsea teaches us to trust our inner voice, releasing blocks within the Solar Plexis Chakra which may affect our perception of self-worth.

6. Patchouli: The Oil of Physical Grounding

Patchouli is simply a must have in your spiritual essential oils supply as it is a very powerful grounding tool. This herbal grass helps to keep those who are drawn to escape their bodies through spiritual practice grounded, Eg, astral projection/travel, lucid dreaming. This oil is a powerful as it promotes the union of body and soul as one, making it the perfect oil to use during yoga, Thai chi or intuitive body movement. Patchouli reminds us of the physical wonder of our human vessels, accentuating our senses and allowing ourselves to surrender to the physical experience of the human anatomy. Connected to the root chakra, Patchouli can aid in the release of emotional judgments back into the earth.

7. Lemongrass: The Oil of Cleansing

Now everyone knows about the cleansing properties of herbs such as sage, but did you know lemongrass is an antibacterial?! Lemongrass is the oil of cleansing and is great for dispelling toxic energies or vibrations which may physically manifest as lethargy or despair. A potent healer, lemongrass essential oil helps to remove self-limiting beliefs in order to move forward onto a healing path. Add Lemongrass into your mop water to cleanse your physical environment and promote higher vibrations. Lemongrass also aids with non-attachment and spiritual clarity in order to release past traumas. This makes lemongrass perfect for Shadow work.

There are many essential oils which can be used alongside the oils I have listed in this post which can boost your rituals or spiritual practices. As always I encourage you to use the oils that you love or are most drawn to as they are most likely hold magick and healing specifically for you. If ever you are wondering where you can get good quality essential oils from hit me up!

What essential oils do you use? How do you use them in your craft? Leave a comment and share this post on your socials xx ✨🌿

The Kynoch Witch

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