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Working with the Elements: Elemental Release Ritual

As we all know the world is a little hectic right now and if you are apart of the witching community you may have seen on social media a call to arms for all magick folk to cast a spell or light a candle for our fellow conjurer's of colour who are facing injustice world wide right now using the energy of the full moon in Saggitarius, Lunar Eclipse 5/6/2020 - 6/6/2020...

I did a little ritual for our fellow people if colour invoking energies of love & understanding on Friday evening, but also to release ancestral patterns that no longer serve humanity. If you would like more details on this Ritual I will write another blog post on here about that particular spell casting but today I wanted

to jump on and talk about working with the elements in your craft...

When working with elements it is completely natural to work with the element that you are most drawn to, for me that is Earth & Water, the two go hand in hand as water nourishes the Earth and the Earth Facilitates Waters journey from the mainland to the ocean. These two elements also rule my signs, being a Taurus sun, Cancer Moon & Piscies Rising... I do work with fire a bit as a use candles, fire scry, twirl fire pois & I can be a bit of a pyro at times 😍🔥😂, but air is not an element I would say I am confident in working with, well not until yesterday at least...

I realised yesterday whilst working on some of my on going spell work that when I was talking to some fellow sisters Friday evening about the elements I had said that I find it hard to connect with air.. and now well I can definitely say that was a load of bullshit...😂

I was releasing a petition which I had served it's purpose and as I burned the paper and the smoke was billowing I was blowing on the paper to make it burn efficiently and directing the smoke out the window to the world to release... And I'm like.. this is working with air, MY BREATH IS AIR, I have always blown out candles instead of snuffing because I felt that it was more organic and it used the air element, not mention I often breath on plants & insects in my garden that I feel need energy!! Air is such a subtle yet powerful element to work with, not to mention if you follow the signs air is link to Aquarius, Gemini & Libra and is associated with traits such as judgement, logic & intelligence. I also refer these aspects when I am reading Tarot as the Swords suit is aligned with the element of Air! ... there are so many associations with Air that I can relate to personally as well..

SO, once I had that epiphany from that small section of that spell working the dots all started to connect and from that I created a whole new Ritual! Which I am keen to share...

I birthed an Elemental Release Ritual and pretty much you write down anything you want to release, forgive or move on from, something you want to come to full circle to you can move forward on your journey and you say it out loud, and burn the paper and you say the following as you do each action with the element:

By Fire I Cremate & Incinerate (Burn your paper) By Air I Exhale (Blow on the paper and direct the smoke away from you) By Water I Dowse & Drown (Dowse the paper) By Earth I Bury (Bury or Scatter your ashes across the earth) Into Ether I release So mote it be

If you are referring to a person or something you need to forgive in this process of release say the mantra of Loiuse Hay... 'I forgive you for not being the way I wanted you to be, I forgive you and set you free'

Sit with your spell until you feel the release is complete and you are ready to move on...

So I hope this little epiphany of mine has been insightful for you as it was for me! It has definitely left me curious and wanted to delve deeper into working with them more intimately so I can weave their magick into more rituals... How do you use the elements in your craft? And which elements are you more drawn to or have a hard time connecting with?!

Blessed be

The Kynoch witch xx (Tay)

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