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The Kynoch Coven Mentoring Group

A Sacred Learning Container

The Kynoch Coven Mentoring Group is a Private Facebook group founded by Tayla Henderson (The Kynoch Witch) and comprised of witches from across Australia and Overseas.
This group was birthed from the desire to provide a safe space for fellow practitioners to share their craft and connect with other witches.
The Kynoch Coven has since been reincarnated as a Teaching & Mentoring platform, offering an opportunity for those who are new and seeking to learn more about the craft to learn from experienced practitioners who are open to sharing their wisdom, and providing in depth educational resources for more intense studies of Witchcraft and Magick xx
These resources include Live and Pre-recorded Lectures, Guest Lectures and Workshops, PDF downloadable Grimoire pages and access to a magickal community filled with a wide array of practitioners!
We would like to extend a special invitation to those who feel called to learn more about the craft and magickal/ spiritual practice into our Free Sacred Learning Container! Click the Link below to Join xx

The Kynoch Coven Mentoring Group: About
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